Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

Swedish Meteorlogical and Hydrological Institute

Visit Adress: Folkborgsvägen 1, 601 76 Norrköping, Sweden

Postal adress: SMHI, 601 76 Norrköping, Sweden


Phone: + 46 11 495 8000  Fax: + 46 11 495 8001

Arctic ROOS contact person:

Oceanographer Amund E. B. Lindberg

E-mail: Amund.Lindberg@smhi.se


The Swedish Meteorlogical and Hydrological Institute, SMHI's mission is to manage and develop information on weather, water and climate that provides knowledge and advanced decision-making data for public services, the private sector and the general public. SMHI aims to contribute to increased social benefit, safety and a sustainable society.

The Swedish Ice Service today manages monitoring of sea ice and sea surface temperatures in the whole Baltic Region.

Today SMHI contributes to Artic ROOS by different projects and products.

  • PolarView ice models for the Baltic Region
  • SST and Ice chart from the Baltic Region
  • An Arctic HIROMB model
  • Work for making semi-operational and research data available for a wider community and for operational purpose. We will focus on data collected especially at the I/B Oden expeditions.
More information about the services provided by SMHI

is found at:  www.smhi.se/polarview and  www.smhi.se/iceservice

Figure 1: Sea ice sea surface temperature forecast in the Baltic Sea produced by SMHI

Figure 2: Subset of sea ice chart in the Bay of Bothnia produced by SMHI