Nansen International Enviromental And Remote Sensing Centre


14th Line Street 7, Business Centre “Preobrazhensky’, office 49,Vasilievsky Island
199034 St. Petersburg,

tel: + 7 812 324 5101/5102
fax + 7 812 324 5102

Arctic ROOS contact person:

Dr. Vladimir A. Volkov

Tel: + 7 8123245102 Mob: + 7 8129250686

NIERSC is a non-profit institute for Environmental and Climate Research. It was officially founded in 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Vision of the Nansen Cenre is to understand, monitor and predict climate and environmental changes in the high northern latitudes for serving the Society. NIERSC focuses on the following related research areas:
  • Climate Variability and Change in High Northern Latitudes;
  • Atmosphere- Ocean Interactions;
  • Aquatic Ecosystems in Response to Global Change;
  • Applied Meteorological and Oceanographic Research for Industrial Activities.

The Nansen Center contributes to Arctic ROOS with the satellite monitoring of sea ice and climate research results, as well as MetOcean data, products and services for users, namely methods for supporting navigation in the Northern Sea Route and other ice-covered seas, natural processes simulation/forecasting tools, monitoring coastal currents, wind and wave fields, oil spills, and icebergs based on satellite data processing and historical, in-situ and remote sensing data and numerical modelling tools.

Figure 1. Multiyear ice estimation from passive microwave satellite data provided by NERSC/NIERSC using the NORSEX algorithm, and comparison with NASA Team algorithm and SAR mosaic.

Figure 2. Summer ice area in the Arctic from passive microwave satellite data provided by NERSC/NIERSC from 1978 to 2007.